Saturday, May 19, 2012

Zero neighborhood, the terminator for Higgs

Even if the Standard Model Higgs were discovered, the following questions will still not be answered.

               a. the origin of flavor,
               b. the origin of generation,
               c. the origin of spacetime, etc..

In fact, this quark universe can be described with 7 dimensions.
        1. two flavors,
        2. three quark colors,
        3. three generations,
        4. one colorless.

These four above become 7 dimensions (2 + 3 + 3 – 1), as the colorless reduces one dimension. There is no theoretical framework in the Standard Model to give rise to these 7 dimensions. On the other hand, the internal structure of zero can do it.

If a mathematician cannot swallow the fact that “zero (0)” has internal structure, the Prequark Chromodynamics will eventually convince him. In the meantime, I will introduce the “zero neighborhood” concept to clarify the fact of the internal structure of zero.

Zero neighborhood --- in the neighborhood of zero, there are many numbers (such as X, Y, Z) which are not reachable by all means (mathematics or else).

Thus, X – Y = 0 while X and Y are different numbers. So, the X and Y are members of the internal structure of zero.

For any number (for example 3),
                         3 + 0 = 3, then the number 3 has an internal structure too.

As the detail of this “internal structure for numbers” was described in the book “Super Unified Theory (ISBN 0-916713-02-4, Copyright # TX 1-323-231, Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 84-90325)”, I will not repeat it here. However, I have showed that the 7 dimension quark universe can arise from this new number theory in the article “Higgs boson, a bad idea, part 3, “. With this, the need for Higgs mechanism is over. Zero neighborhood is indeed the terminator for Higgs. 

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