Monday, May 21, 2012

The mother of many stillbirth rabbits

In the article “SUSY: A Matter Of Prior Beliefs, “, it wrote, “In this sorry age for Supersymmetry (SUSY) phenomenologists, it is quite easy to step on an aching toe while discussing the results of the Large Hadron Collider experiments, whose results have let these physicists down by excluding the presence of SUSY where most of them used to put their moneys until yesterday.
… in the most stubborn SUSY enthusiasts is to seek refuge in a concept which could be summarized as follows: 'There is only one true realization of SUSY in Nature, and one point of the parameter space which corresponds to it; the fact that the LHC has kept excluding parameter space points that do not correspond to the true realization of SUSY says nothing on the correctness of SUSY anyway'.
… Keeping oneself anchored to a point-mass PDF that "SUSY is correct" equates to dismissing as garbage all the negative results of the LHC searches. I will say more: it equates to saying that it is useless to do experimental research, because SUSY might be hiding where we have no access with particle collisions or other experiments. Given that, and given that we must already be sure that SUSY is correct, why searching for it? …
I am confident, though, that the attitude of those SUSY enthusiasts who choose the point-mass PDF is going to change if we continue excluding parameter space points at the LHC.
... so even the stubborn among them will soon choose some other point mass to anchor themselves and their careers to.”

The above passage is truly important for today’s physics research. However, I myself am less concerning about those stubborn minds but more about the meaning of those LHC results. If the SUSY with sparticles is as “one” rabbit which has 100 hideouts, then the exclusion of 70 holes will have no power to make a conclusion about the remaining 30 hideouts. However, if the 100 parameter points of those SUSY theories are 100 rabbits, then the discovery of 70 stillbirth rabbits can definitely lead to a conclusion that the fates of those remaining 30 rabbits are not very promising. Thus, there is not much chance at all for any SUSY to survive after the MSSM and cMSSM are ruled out by the LHC data already.

Yet, my concern goes beyond the death sentence for the SUSY (with sparticles). If all the babies are dead with stillbirths, what is the health of the mother? Why are those babies born dead? What is the death-gene for those SUSY babies?

The conception of all SUSY babies was from the Higgs mechanism. Then, this Higgs mechanism must also be the death gene for them. In addition to those stillbirth SUSYs, there is a very important reason to cut the Higgs mechanism out. That is, there is a correct mechanism to replace the Higgs mechanism, and it is described in the article “The Rise of Gravity and Electric Charge, “.

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