Monday, May 14, 2012

The unreachable number principle

Prime number is a well-studied subject. There is a prime number theorem (PNT) which describes the asymptotic distribution of the prime numbers. There are many types of prime, such as, the Sophie Germain primes, primorial primes, Fermat primes and the Mersenne primes. While these primes are having a formula to calculate them, we do not have a number before we do those calculations. In my article “The Largest Prime Number Conjecture, “, it shows that the type and the shape of the number are always known for the largest prime. Yet, with all the above, what is the “existential meaning” for the prime in the numbers?

The answer is very simple. The existential meaning of the prime is to show that there are numbers beyond the reach of the “multiplication” operation. With this understanding, I will expand it to an unreachable numbers principle.

Unreachable numbers principle (UNP) --- there is, at least, one number Y which is unreachable by all means, mathematics (operations) or else while 0 < Y < 1.

With this UNP, the following situation,
                       (A – B = 0, but A is not B) can be studied.

That is, the zero (0) has a very rich internal structure, and we already has a hint on this in the article “The first gobbledygook, “. 

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