Thursday, May 17, 2012

? Giving rise to this physical universe

In the article “Higgs Boson, a bad idea, part seven, “, I talked about a fact of common sense. As the Nature physics gave rise to the universe billions years before the rising of biological lives, of intelligence and of mathematics, the Nature physics must be the source of them. Thus, we must be able to “derive” the Nature physics from those descended systems.

Today, the Human physics has discovered three pillars of the Nature physics.
     1. Relativities,
     2. Quantum mechanics,
     3. A zoo of elementary particles.

While these three human physics use math as a language, those physics are not arising from the essence of mathematics. That is, the human physics and the mathematics are two different species. Yet, from the common sense above, the Nature physics and the mathematics must be the same species with the same genetics but with only different expressions. The fact that this common sense is not accepted by the mainstream must because that the genetics of both is not yet known by them.

Thus far, the internal structure of zero is not known by the mainstream mathematics. Yet, the “Prequark Chromodynamics, “ is the direct consequence of these “zeros”. Now, the LHC is probing the space-time structure, and very soon the “Prequark Chromodynamics” will be proved as the only true physics of Nature. Of course, I will give more detailed description on those zeros in the future posts. However, I have showed some points about these zeros in some previous articles.

a. In the article “Nothingness Smack down, “, I have showed that there are, at least, two nothingness which are different ontologically.

b. In the article “Zero or zeros, “, I have showed that there are, at least, two zeros which are different ontologically.

c. In the article “Computability and the internal structure of zero, “, I have showed the following equation.
           Z - Y = 0 while Z and Y are different numbers. That is, there is a very rich internal structure in zero.

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