Monday, May 28, 2012

Dark matter, yes and yes

A month ago, a group led by Moni Bidin claimed that no dark matter found in the area of their study. Now, their work was discredited by another group. See the report in the article “Science Down, Up, and Inside-Out, “. It wrote, “The article that I described last month by Moni Bidin et al. that claimed (loudly, in the press) that there was little evidence for dark matter in the Sun’s interstellar neighborhood (but far from the center of the Milky Way galaxy) has been discredited by one of the world’s leading astrophysicists, working with a younger collaborator. ... In short, the Moni Bidin argument, once corrected, actually leads to more evidence in favor of the existence of dark matter!”

Also a month ago, a researcher claimed that dark matter was discovered in the Fermi data. Now, Fermi group officially published its data without confirming that claim. See the report in the article, “How to make a line, “.  It wrote, “An independent analysis of publicly available data from the Fermi gamma-ray telescope found a peak in the photon spectrum near 130 GeV. ...
Actually, 1 month after the finding, the Fermi collaboration put their own gamma-ray line study on arXiv in which they don't claim any signal but only set upper limits on the production cross section. …
Sincerely, what do I think?  Well, Nature is a bitch, and that has been especially true with regard to dark matter. So far we've been denied any insight into the identity of the dark matter particle, in spite of tedious efforts in numerous direct and indirect detection or collider experiments. A monochromatic gamma-ray line -- an undeniable smoking gun of dark matter -- just sounds too good to be true. Thus, my best guess is that she's screwing with us again, and the line will be explained away by some instrumental effect.”

Well, dark matter is a direct consequence in the Super Unified Theory (Axiomatic Physics). See the article “Dark matter, mystery no more! “, and  DARK ENERGY/DARK MASS: THE SILENT TRUTH ( ).

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