Friday, May 25, 2012

The misconceptions of centuries

In the article “Questioning the Foundations: 4th FQXi Essay Contest, “, it reports that “The Foundational Questions Institute [FQI] has announced its 4th Essay contest on the question ‘Which of Our Basic Physical Assumptions Are Wrong?’ Scientific American is co-sponsors again along with Gruber and submeta.”

I am not a contest goer but do think that this question of FQI is an important issue.

The reason that LHC is still struggling for some answers is that the mainstream physics community does not know the correct foundational physics principle yet, as otherwise the entire framework of the physical universe would be known. In fact, even if the SM Higgs were discovered, it will still not help one bit for the final understanding on physics. There are two possibilities for this ignorance.
     1. This correct physics principle is simply not discovered yet.

     2. This correct physics principle is rejected by the mainstream physics community because of the deep rooted beliefs of a set the wrong principles.

 Here, I must say that the second possibility is the case.

The concept of 4-dimension space-time continuum was a very useful base for the Relativities. Yet, the correct physics principle should be as,
     a. The time is a quantum, while continuum is a very good approximation.

     b.  In addition to the real time (+/- t), there are imaginary time (+/- t, +/- it). That is, time has four dimensions. This is the true supersymmetry, not the s-particle type.

     c. Instead of being completely different between space and time, the space is only a trait of time.

The above three constitute the correct physics principle which gives rise to the Axiomatic Physics, and it is described in the article “Axiomatic physics, the revolutionary physics epistemology, “.

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