Friday, May 18, 2012

SUSY, the Higgs terminator

In the article “The Smell of SUSY, “, it wrote, “The implications of the failure to find SUSY at the LHC are beginning to sink into the particle physics community: the paradigm that dominated the subject for the past 30 years has collapsed in the face of experimental (non)-evidence, threatening to take down the life’s work of hundreds if not thousands of theorists.  ...  By now a significant number of SUSY analyses of the full 2011 dataset have been completed, with negative results. By the end of the year there will be more data, but just a factor of 2-3 more, at about 14% higher energy. To believe that these sorts of increases will turn no signal into a signal requires a willingness to engage in a rather large amount of wishful thinking. The 62% jump in 2014 to 6.5 TeV/beam is more significant, but it’s hard to see an argument for why this should do the trick, and the wait for these results will be discouragingly long, probably until 2015. How many SUSY enthusiasts will keep the faith?”

Even with the above reality, seemingly, there is no analysis done thus far for the theoretical reasons about the fall of the SUSY (with sparticles). SUSY was invented to compensate some shortcomings of the Standard Model, such as,
           1. the coupling unification at the GUT scale,
           2. as dark matter candidate,
           3. as a bridge to Supergravity,
           4. etc..

Nonetheless, even with SUSY (with sparticles), there are still some open questions,
               a. the origin of flavor,
               b. the origin of generation,
               c. the origin of spacetime, etc..

In fact, the Standard Model was constructed step by step with data (phenomenology) with very little theoretical foundation. Thus, the Standard Model (SM) cannot be wrong in front of test data. The most important theoretical part of the SM is the speculation about the Higgs mechanism which was accredited for the electroweak symmetry breaking and for providing the masses for the weak bosons. Again, this Higgs mechanism can be worked out by fitting the data, not a true theoretical conception. I have described it as a shadow of the reality in the article “Higgs Boson, a shadow of the Prequark field, “.

As there are indeed many shortcomings in SM, there must be a Supersymmetry, and it must have been broken. Yet, the SUSY with sparticles is simply wrong. I have described this in the article “Origin of time, the breaking of a perfect symmetry, “.  That is, there is Supersymmetry but not the SUSY with sparticles.

Furthermore, the fall of the SUSY (with sparticles) is now the terminator for the Higgs.

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