Sunday, August 14, 2016

two thumbs up

US $5,000 award for genius (young/old). 
[offered by Tienzen (Jeh-Tween) Gong, profile available at ]

David Gross (Nobel laureate): two thumbs up

Note (added on August 21, 2016): 
My Protégé Dr. Li xiaojian {Professor of North China University of Technology, Beijing, China; the one who talked with Dr. David Gross (Nobel laureate) in the ‘two thumbs up’ photo} matched $5,000 in this award.

Now, the total award prize = $10,000

With 2016 data from {LHC, LUX, IceCube, etc.}, ALL mainstream BSMs (beyond standard model) are now dead.

Physics has discovered that this universe is constructed with 4 simple numbers via detailed and precise measuring, but they cannot be derived (calculated) theoretically in the mainstream physics.

That is, the mainstream physics is now officially imprisoned in a Hellfire Dungeon, guarded by these four curses:
How to calculate Alpha? {Alpha = 1/137.0359…}

How to calculate (and account for) Planck CMB data? {dark energy = 69.2 +/- 1%; visible mass = 4.82 +/- 0.05%; dark mass = 25.8 +/- 0.4%}

How to calculate Higgs boson’s mass? {125.09 (+/- 0.24) Gev}

How to calculate Cosmology Constant? {~ 3 x 10 ^(-120)}

Yet, every number could be reached with some numerological formulas, and those numerological formulas could provide some hints for some underlying logic (physics). Thus, I am offering a total of US $5,000 award for any genius who is able to come up some ways of calculating those four curse numbers.

For this #RescueMainstreamPhysics Campaign, anyone who can come up an equation for the above four curses will be awarded $1,000 for each equation, in accordance to the following rules.

Rule one: each equation must encompass at least one physics-parameter, such as (not limited to):
Planck constant ħ
Light speed C
Electric charge e
Vacuum energy vev
Lifetime of this universe
Or, any part of the Standard Model.
The math constants (Pi, e, etc.) are acceptable in the equations but do not count as physics-parameter.

Rule two: any formula which was published (on paper or online) before today (August 14, 2016) will not be accepted.

Rule three: ‘definition-type’ equation will not be accepted.

Rule four: as every number can always be reached by some numerological formulas, the ‘scheme’ of one formula must also be the ‘base’ for at least another curse number in order to validate a numerological equation.

Rule five: if a ‘scheme’ can be the ‘base’ for all four curses, $1,000 bonus will be award; that is a total of $5,000.

Please share your thoughts and submission by using the five hashtags below.

This is not an impossible task, and an example is available at

Rule six: the ‘precision’ of the new equations must be at the same level or better than the above example.

This is ‘one’ prize; when it is claimed by one, the prize is gone.

The following is a list of prominent physicists. You can contact them for advice, with your thoughts. 



































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