Friday, June 8, 2012

Nowhere to run!

Most of scientists believe that  “Science is not about beliefs but is about facts and explanations.” Yet, Thomas Samuel Kuhn (philosopher of science) held a contrasting view “That we judge the quality of a theory (and its treatment of the evidence) by comparing it to a paradigmatic theory.” That is, science judges a theory not about its merits or its evidences. Science is not about facts but is about beliefs on a paradigm.

As scientific revolutions involve a revision to existing scientific belief or practice (the paradigm), science in general ignores and discredits any revolutionary ideas. Kuhn's view is that during normal science scientists neither test nor seek to confirm the guiding theories of their disciplinary matrix [paradigm]. Nor do they regard anomalous results as falsifying those theories.  … Rather, anomalies are ignored or explained away if at all possible. It is only the accumulation of particularly troublesome anomalies that poses a serious problem for the existing disciplinary matrix. A particularly troublesome anomaly is one that undermines the practice of normal science. ... A widespread failure in such confidence Kuhn calls a ‘crisis’.

Yet, although the truth and facts are sitting there silently, science can never go around them. There is no place for science to run but to face those facts squarely sooner or later. The followings are those simple facts.

1. The Prequark Chromodynamics ( ) simply reproduces the entire quark universe. 

2. The “Super Unified Theory” (SUT) simply gives a better (but correct) explanation for the electroweak symmetry breaking ( ).

3. The SUT simply provides theoretical calculations for Cabibbo angle (θc), Weinberg angle (θW ) and the Alpha (the electron fine structure constant), . To calculate these three independent parameters with a single thread is either a result of the facts or a miracle. 

4. The “accelerating expansion of Universe” is a direct consequence of this SUT, .

5. “No fourth generation matter” is again a direct consequence of the SUT, .

These facts above can never be gone around by any means.  

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