Saturday, June 9, 2012

Take the Kuhn-loss and move on

Thomas Samuel Kuhn (the most influential philosopher of science of the twentieth century, ) wrote, “Not all the achievements of the preceding period of normal science are preserved in a revolution, and indeed a later period of science may find itself without an explanation for a phenomenon that in an earlier period was held to be successfully explained.”  This feature of scientific revolutions has become known as ‘Kuhn-loss’.

In the article “New CERN Results On Rare B Decays: A Tombstone To SUSY? “, it wrote, “..., while the various Minimal Supersymmetric models depicted in the graph are close to being killed by the experimental constraints.   
But you can certainly take refuge in the belief that only one is the ‘true’ set of SUSY parameters, and that excluding all other sets does not make that less probable. It depends on your prior beliefs.”

The LHC data is now ruling out many SUSY (with s-particles) while many physicists are denying those facts with their “prior” beliefs. But, this kind of self-denial can never escape from the inevitable “Kuhn-loss”. 

Kuhn again said that “The decision to opt for a revision of a disciplinary matrix [new paradigm] is not one that is rationally compelled; nor is the particular choice of revision rationally compelled.” Yet, however the tortuous path that science must take, there is no way of any kind to go around the truth which sits there silently. Physics must take the Kuhn-loss eventually and face the truth squarely sooner or later. The article “LHC, the end of the old physics epistemology, “ is showing a way for us to move on. 

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