Thursday, June 21, 2012

Higgs rumors vs. the rumor

In the article “The Higgs Discovery, “, Peter Woit wrote, “Reliable rumors couldn’t wait, and they indicate that the experiments are seeing much the same thing as last year in this year’s new data: strong hints of a Higgs around 125 GeV. The main channel investigated is the gamma-gamma channel where they are each seeing about a 4 sigma signal.”

This is a rumor which tries to announce the Higgs discovery before anyone else. Then,
In the article “New Data on Elusive Particle Shrouded in Secrecy (by DENNIS OVERBYE,  June 19, 2012 )”,  it reported two statements from the authorities of LHC.

“’Please do not believe the blogs,’ Fabiola Gianotti, the spokeswoman for the team known as Atlas, after its huge detector, pleaded in an e-mail. “

“’Our final Ichep results will not be even seen by the collaboration before the last day of June and then will require the usual final cosmetics for presentation,’ wrote Joe Incandela of the University of California, Santa Barbara, spokesman for the team known as CMS, in an e-mail. “

Are these two official statements rumor-stoppers or rumors themselves?

Then, there comes the verdict with the article “Rumor Has It: Higgs Buzz Sparks Twitter Trend (by  Jennifer Ouellette, )”, it wrote, “Just before 3 p.m. on Wednesday, June 20, 2012, the elusive Higgs boson made science history: it topped the list of trending Twitter topics via the hashtag #HiggsRumors. …
Whatever they are, the results will be announced at the International Conference on High Energy Physics, or ICHEP, in Melbourne, Australia, starting July 4 [2012]. So, you know, chillax, people. We'll know one way or the other in just a few weeks.”

Can the announcement at ICHEP stop all rumors? In 2011, the biggest rumor was announced by OPERA on the “Superluminal Neutrinos”. If an announcement of the discovery of the Standard Model Higgs at ICHEP this July, it would be the greatest rumor in 2012, as it will definitely be another OPERA fiasco.  The entire Higgs idea (field or bosons) is only the shadow of the reality, and it is described in the article “Higgs Boson, a shadow of the Prequark field, “. 

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